Almási Balogh Pál Kórház


korhazbejaratWelcome to the website of our Hospital!

Ózd is frequently referred to as the city of seven valleys, and our hospital can be found atop of a hill as well; far from the chimneys that used to emit a vast amount of smoke and – living only in our memories by now – the noise of the factory. The town, lying in magnificent natural surroundings, built the hospital into a uniquely beautiful sanitarium-like environment on the confines of the city with exquisite panorama, surrounded by a green belt area.

We are receiving our patients and providing them with medical attendanceon 340 beds, 10 departments, with 50 specialty cares, attendants and a central diagnostic unit.
Ózd can be found in the North-Hungarian region, in the northwestern part of Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County. It is a town situated along the Slovakian border, with a population of approximately 34.000. The town is 60km away from the county town, Miskolc; and 150km away from the capital city, Budapest.

Our website presents the activity of the institution in detail. Besides the consulting hours, a lot of other useful information can be found on the website, which helps the orientation of the enquirers. In case you have a question, you can call us on the granted phone number, and we will use our best efforts to cordially help you.