First floor of the directorate wing

Director General: Dr. Bélteczki János
Executive Medical Director: Dr. Kovács Sándor
Personal Assistant: Németh Erika

Work schedule: Monday–Friday 7.00 a.m.–3.00 p.m.
Phone number: 48/574-429
Fax: 48/574-401

The following are under the direct authority of the director general::

  • executive medical director
  • nursing director
  • economic director
  • heads of departments
  • head pharmacist of the institute
  • hygienic consultant
  • decision analyst head of department
  • internal supervisor
  • directorate secretary
  • legal representative
  • quality assurance


Organizes and commands the work of the hospital’s departments, insures the continuous functioning and operation. Harmonizes, coordinates and monitors the work of the facility’s medical departments. Organizes and monitors the operation of departments related to medical attendance, therapeutic departments, specialty cares and nursery departments. Keeps managerial conferences on a weekly, consultant conferences on a monthly basis, on which informs his colleagues about current issues, information concerning the hospital.