Head of Department: Dr. Berta István
Head Nurse: Dócsné Varga Piroska

Localization: first floor of the inpatient unit
Beds: 7 pieces

Our Intensive Care Unit consists of three units:

-Intensive Care Unit
-Anesthesiology Consulting Polyclinic

Intensive Care Unit

At the Intensive Care Unit the primary goal of medicinal intervention is to prevent mortal danger, stabilize patients in critical condition and, in case of failure of vital organs, the substitution of those with machines and instruments and their medication. That includes artificial respiration, circulation support and artificial feeding. The majority of the patients get admission to the hospital because of surgical interventions, severe infections, heart and circulatory failure, respiratory failure developed due to various causes, severe metabolism crises and diseased linked to inflammation. In our Intensive Care Unit 7 beds are at our disposal; for every sick-bed a multi-parameter monitor system and the possibility of artificial respiration is given. Our isolated hospital rooms (2 pieces of 2-bedded, 1 piece of 3-bedded) make the isolation of certain patient possible and insure special, circumspect treatment to them.

Department of Anesthesiology

Anesthesiology’s task is to insure that the examination, intervention or operation will be doable and painless; and continuously checking, monitoring and maintaining the vital functions. In the course of our job we use general and regional anesthesia. In the course of the anesthesia we insure the painless state and muscle relaxation of the patients necessary for the operation with the help of intravenous narcotics, sedative gases, muscle relaxants ingested into the patient’s organism and by artificial respiration. During anesthesia, the anesthetist continuously checks the vital functions of the patient and in case of necessity affects those with medication. Part of the anesthesia means spinal, or infiltration anesthesia, in the course of which the patient gets over the intervention while awake, but in a painless state.

Our department insures cardiopulmonary resuscitation duty for every active department of the hospital.