Our department fulfils tasks required for the operation of the hospital and in particular, the uninterrupted medical attendance in 5 different fields.

  1. Property management, asset and materials management

Purchase order, takeover, receipt, release of materials and tools necessary for the operation of the institute; handling of the bills, certificates of hose materials and tools, and the provision of administrative tasks related to register happens within the framework of this. For example IT tools; office-administrative, professional tools; other medical appliances and equipment; stationery; reproduction material; detergents; laundry material; disposable non-professional materials. Acquisition of materials, tools and equipment necessary for the technical operation and maintenance of the institute happens here as well. For example materials, tools and equipment needed for drinking water, sewage, electrician, painting, mason, locksmith related works. Furthermore we take care of the resumption or – as occasion requires – discarding of equipment that became superfluous or unusable in the institute. Ordering the maintenance and reparation of medical material equipment also belongs to the scope of our duties.

  1. Maintenance

Continuously insuring the technical services that are necessary for the operation of the institute. This field sorts out the technical operation of the building, and the everyday maintenance and malfunction prevention tasks of the building (for example pipe installation, electrician, fitter, swimming pool engineering, occasionally physician technical, air-conditioning related tasks). Since our hospital has its independent heating system, checking and operating the boiler room under normal conditions appropriately to the weather conditions belongs to the scope of the maintenance’s duties as well. In consequence we are monitoring the various energy usage, consumption, analysing the bills of those and supply data.

  1. Laundry

Insuring inpatient and private textile of various contamination in proper cleanness, according to medical requirements, in quantities as may become necessary and on time, which are necessary for the operation of our institute, belongs to the scope of the laundry’s duties.

  1. Gardening and park maintenance, curatorship

The task of these employees is to collect communal and dangerous waste that is being generated in the institute and get the food carts to the departments on time.
Park maintenance, hedge cutting, and leaf collection.
Gardening: seedling raising, watering, plant nurturing.
Clearing away the snow, anti-skid measures in the winter season. Execution of different logistic labours: for example in getting the goods into the warehouse in case of their arrival, various moving services, transporting large quantities of documents.

  1. Transport

Our drivers are responsible for the transportation of the hospital directors and other persons to different events, professional conferences, further training on time; delivering the professional machines and tools to the service and back; the acquisition of materials, blood transportation, transporting clean clothes exchange and aseptic instruments to the artificial kidney station and are available for our hospital in case of every other administration requiring a vehicle.