Infectology consultant: Dr. Kassai Endre
Public Health and Epidemiology Inspector: Vida Éva

Localization: in-patient unit floor -1

Activity of the infection control team::

Our team; consisting of an infectology consultant, a public health- and epidemiology inspector and epidemiologist specialist nurses; carries through comprehensive and active institutional surveillance. In the course of our work; during medical attendance we collect and – as frequently as the quality assurance regulation requires – analyze infection cases that are presumably or validly qualified as medical attendance related. In case of necessity an important part of our task is to elaborate treatment practice related modification suggestions and to control the materialization of those for the hospital leadership on the basis of the correspondences that were discoverable in the course of the mentioned analyses. In the interest of preventing the above mentioned infections; development of protocols necessary for nursing, diagnostic, therapeutic and surgery prophylaxis on the basis of patient safety aspects is part of our activity as well. By giving point-of-care, case-by-case consultation opinion, our infectology consultant strives to help maintaining an appropriate level of pathogen antibiotic-resistance relations for each department of the institute and giving the most effective treatment that is possible to patients with various infectious diseases.