Head of department: Dr. Bikov Oleg belgyógyász szakorvos
Head nurse: Elekné Molnár Anita

Localization: on the first floor of the inpatient unit
Beds: 40 pieces

The activity of the department:

Those patients get into the department, whose condition, disease require lasting hospital treatment: solitary patients, people who cannot look after themselves, whose accommodation to the Department of Nursing or to a social institution is in progress.

Among the activities of the department are: the satisfaction of the everyday needs of the patients, continuation of the treatment of already examined and therapeutically set patients not requiring active medical treatment, in case of tumor patients analgesia if necessary, assistance in accommodating the socially indigent patients and the elderly.

Admission to the department is persistent. Following a preliminary agreement, patients can get admission with referral; from another department of our hospital, from another institution or from their home.

The highest possible nursing time in the Department of Chronic Diseases is 30 days: during this period the further accommodation of the patients has to be arranged, in which the social colleague of our institute can help.