The quality policy of Almási Balogh Pál Hospital is patient-centered, thus – for the sake of a safer, more efficient medical attendance – the leadership of the hospital pledged themselves to the progressive shaping, continuous maintenance and development of a quality assurance system based on external verification. BELLA (Beteg ELLátók Akkreditációja a biztonságos betegellátásért /Accreditation of Medical Attendants for safe medical attendance/ project TÁMOP 6.2.5/B) is a voluntary development relying on inland features; happening with the involvement of practicing professionals with its focus on patient safety. During the period of its introduction we are updating our regulations, codes of practices; improving the knowledge of our associates by means of internal education, training; reconsidering our organizational processes and, if necessary, reorganizing those.

By introducing and employing the BELLA standards, the aim of the facility is:

  • winning accreditation (recognition for operating based on standards)
  • improving the level of medical attendance
  • improving patient safety
  • improving the professional knowledge of our associates
  • more efficient usage of resources  

Reaching the shared goal and improving the quality of the services provided by the hospital is the task of every associate of the hospital.