Head of department: Dr. Kós Csaba
Head Nurse: Kovács Mária

Localization: on the ground floor of the inpatient unit
Beds: 20 pieces

The activity of the department:

Pediatrics’ main field of activity is the specialty care of level I. progressivity out- and inpatients from the age group of under 18, and the medical attendance of newborn babies born in our institution and premature babies with minor complications. Within our competence, we carry out the examination and healing of respiratory diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, kidney and urinary disorders and diseases related to the heart and the nervous system. Accommodation of the patients’ attendants is possible as well, to the same hospital room as the ill child. In the interest of the more efficient recovery, there is a possibility of special consultations as well, which are the following: otolaryngology, surgery, optometry, dermatology, and gynecology.

Pediatrics Specialty Care:

  • Takes place at the department from Monday to Friday.
  • Children referred by the family doctor and those who need urgent medical attendance get examined here. Control examination of children who were previously treated at the department and children treated because of chronic illnesses happens here as well.
  • The examination of children treated in pulmonology, carrying out respiratory function and allergy tests are possible.
  • The ultrasound-imaging diagnostic examination and the infant hip dysplasia screening via ultrasound, both of which can be done with advance booking, belongs to the specialty care’s field of activities.