(for inpatients)

Dietician: Csivincsik István
Localization: Inpatient unit, floor -1


  • Measuring and summarizing the dietetical needs of the inpatient departments.
  • Giving the number of food portions to be prepared towards the catering factory on the basis of the accordingly summarized data, together with the regulations related to possible content attributes or/and preparation methods.
  • Organizing food delivery to certain departments..
  • Carrying out the administrative tasks related to what is mentioned above.
  • Planning a menu suiting the technical economic, personal and technical potential of the catering factory.
  • Monitoring activity related to patient nutrition in the catering factory and at the inpatient departments.
  • Dietetic specific tasks (dietetic and lifestyle guidance, recording dietetic anamnesis, measuring nutritional status in case of possible malnutrition, creation of dietetic plans, planning individual diets, etc.)